How to Care Futon (in a nutshell)

To keep your futon in the best hygienic conditions, please avoid the humidity.
It is said we sweat at least one cup of water a night even in the cold season. Futon retains the moisture. Too much moisture can lead to mold and mites.
It is most important to give your futon time to air out. Please fold up your futon mattress every day.

The best care is leaving the futon out in the direct sunlight for about 2 hours for each side when the sunlight is strong.
If it’s difficult for you because of the living environment, hung the futon or lean it against something indoor where the futon can receive the sunlight as much as possible.

Cotton fillings are not meant to be washed. Machine washing can lead to warping. If the fabric gets stained, please use a damp cloth to wipe.
Futon cover is always recommended to protect your futon.


What if you can’t dry your futon in the sun?


tokyo futon life



Depending on your living environment, you may not be able to dry your futon in the sun.
In that case, place them in a well-ventilated place with a chair or other furniture. The important thing is to keep the futon dry. This will make the futon fluffy and last longer.

tokyo futon life

tokyo futon life


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