Cheaper and Slower – Surface mail is available depending on the items and countries

■ New shipping option – Surface Mail     January 2021

As the number of airplanes is decreasing, the areas that can be delivered by air are limited. Therefore, we are starting a new delivery method, shipping by surface mail (sea freight).
Shipping takes about two months for Asia, and about three months for North America and Europe, depending on the customs clearance. It’s a slow process, but the shipping cost is about two-thirds to half that of airmail.
The longer the delivery time, the more risk there is. Because of the long transit through the ocean, the futon may be placed in a humid environment. High humidity is the worst enemy of cotton products because it creates mold. So far we have shipped to Europe and North America by sea. We have not received any reports of damage, but depending on the season and route, problems may occur.
Please be assured that full coverage insurance is included in our shipping cost.

Not all goods can be sent to all countries by surface mail. Each country has different acceptable sizes for shipping. For more information, please click here.

Thank you very much for understanding!