The best partner of futon, its name is Tatami

In Japan many people lay futon on tatami.

Tatami is a thick mat made by knitting rice straw, which is laid on the Japanese style floor.

As the main reason for laying tatami mats,
· When laying directly on the floor, feel hard on the back, hard to sleep.
· In the cold seasons such as winter, the coldness of the floor cools down the futon.
I think that’s it.

It is the same reason as laying something under the sleeping bag in the camp.

Why did you use tatami as a cushioning material?

Because Japan had grown rice cereals mainly, there were many rice straws.

There is no waste if not only the part of the ears to eat but also the part of the stem is utilized.

The word “tatami” has the meaning of folding.It is said that this is derived from the fact that it was literally folded when not in use at the dawn of tatami.

There is fragrance of natural origin in tatami, you can relax without saying anything. If there is Japanese tea in this, it is perfect already. It may be nice to burn incense.

The futon itself is also a good product of natural materials, but I think that if you have one tatami, you will be able to feel that goodness more.

Please try.